Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome everybody.

Hello friends. This is my blog. I have been meaning to join the party for quite some time, and am only now finally getting around to it. I'm not too good at it yet, but hopefully I will get better over time.

Here's the idea.

Most mornings (if I am lucky) a friendly photo editor from the newspaper calls me on the phone. He asks, "What are you doing today?" or, "How's your weekend look?" and, sadly, I nearly always reply, "Nothin' much," or "Pretty open," respectively. Then he asks me to go check my email. When I do I find some information about some person or some event or some idea that they would like me to point my camera at. Then I drive my car to where that thing is, and I do indeed point my camera at it. I mash the button on it; lots. Then within a day or so, the results of my button mashing end up being delivered to my house in a big bundle of newsprint.

Sometimes I take my camera around and I point it at my wife and my friends while we are drinking alcohol at each other's houses. Sometimes I point it out the window when I go places. Sometimes I just point it at things I think are pretty. There is a little window in the back of my camera. Here are some of the things I have seen lately while looking through it...

This... Crunchy Black...

...He is a rapper and a gentleman whose mouth cost considerably more than my car.

He is a native Memphian and former member of three-6-mafia. Crunchy's solo work includes the songs "Fuck You," "Let My Nuts Hang," "Haters," and "Ain't No Bitch In My Blood." He is also famous for his style of dancing, G-Walking, so much so that the dance is often referred to as the "Crunchy Black Walk." I photographed Crunchy at the Hi-Tone for the "Go Memphis" supplement. He was quite a nice guy. He was a very willing subject. He is a man quite accustomed to "posting up like a stop sign," a trait that makes the life of any photographer that much easier. He even brought his daughter to the shoot, and I took a picture of them posting up together on the condition that they send it out to their family with the Christmas Cards.

Crunchy is playing at the Hi-Tone the day after Christmas. Happy Holidays.


  1. crunchy black has some serious teeth

  2. This is really too glorious. Honestly, B, you've put this wordlady at a loss for words.

  3. well hallo. now i have to follow TWO blogs, yours and amanda's. good thing your's has pictures. and good ones to boot. i owe you a phone call.